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Can my dog swim in my pool?

Can my dog swim in my pool? Well, I guess the first question I would ask is, “Can your dog swim?” This question is hard for me to answer when it comes to the heath of your dog. I always suggest to the home owner to contact their dogs vet for advise on their particular dog. What I have learned over the years is that the dogs senses are much more sensitive than ours as humans. The dogs eyes, ears, skin, and nose will be effected much more than ours as humans would be. I like to mention to my customer that it is always a good idea to wash off their dog with the hose when the swimming has come to a close. On top of that it is wise to dry off the dogs ears so infections cant grow.

Does my dog swimming effect my pool?

Your dog swimming in your pool has major effects on your pool. I heard once that a dog swimming in a pool is comparable to over forty people swimming in a pool. When someone or in this case, something swims through the water, there is friction between the swimmer and the water. When this friction occurs, it pulls all lose hair and debris from your dogs coat. The dogs hair can clog up your filter a lot faster than it typically would without your dog swimming. If your pool is equipped with a sand or DE filter it is important to backwash regularly. When you have a cartridge filter on your pools equipment, make sure clean the filter after every few swims.

How does my dog swimming effect the pools chemicals?

Any objects that enter the pool with decrease the amount of chlorine in the water. When a dog swims in your pool the chlorine is decrease greatly. When the dog is done swimming for the day, it is a good idea to boost the chlorine levels by adding either liquid or granulated shock.

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