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Pool tile cleaning Chandler Arizona

Pool tile cleaning chandler Arizona with Pool Rescuers is your number one choice when removing calcium from your pools tile. See our video on how we do this. When your pool tiles ready for a cleaning there are a few different ways to remove this calcium from your tile. Allow Pool Rescuers to come out and measure your pools tile to give you an estimate on how much it will cost.

What we need to know

  • The perimeter of your pool
  • How bad the calcium line is
  • What type of tile or surface are we cleaning
  • Do you want your pool water drained completely or just lowered

The perimeter of your pool

In order to give customers accurate bids on pool tile cleaning, we need to know the perimeter of your pool. Sometimes this is an easy measurement, sometimes this is not. It is important to know if there are elevated spas, a sheer decent, or walls with multiple layers of tile, this will increase the overall price of your bid.

How bad the calcium line is

Calcium lines are not all treated equally. Some calcium lines are extremely thin and not very aggressive, where some calcium lines are extremely thick and very aggressive. The amount of calcium that is on your pools tile line is important in know when providing a bid.

What type of tile or surface are we cleaning

There are many different types of tile that build up calcium. It is very important to know what type of tile is on the pools surface when getting ready to cleaning it. Depending on what type of tile is on your pool depends on what we use to clean it with. It also will change the amount of pressure we will us to clean the tile with.

Drain your entire pool or just lower the water level

In order to start your tile cleaning we are going to have to know a few things. We need to know if you want your pool completely drained and refilled during this process, or if you just want us to lower the water enough to expose the tile. Depending on your waters chemical readings it may be a good idea to drain the pool completely and start fresh with new water. See our post to know if you are due on draining your pool completely.

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