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Two wheel PoolCleaner

Two wheel poolcleaner from Poolvergnueg, a Hayward company is by far the best suctions side pool cleaner on the market. The two wheel poolcleaner performs off of the suction of your pools pump allowing it to easily function. This pool vacuum is like no other cleaner on the market. See our video to find out why.

Why its the best

The two wheel poolcleaner is the best on the market for one simple reason, collapsible fins on the turbine. Collapsible fins on the two wheel poolcleaners turbine allow small and large debris to freely pass without jamming up the cleaner. This system inside Haywards poolcleaner and now their navigator is patent protected. No other pool vacuum can have this system inside thier cleaners. There are other swimming pool vacuums on the market that look like this cleaner, but have fixed turbines. Want the best suction side pool vacuum, buy this cleaner.

The cons on this cleaner

There are two cons that customers do not seem to like about the two wheel poolcleaner. These issues come up few and far between but are worth mentioning.

  • Not designed to clean to walls
  • Too much suction to cleaner makes it climb out of the pool.

The two wheel poolcleaner, is not designed to clean the sides of the pools walls. With enough suction, this cleaner can sure get up any wall but it was not designed for it. The poolcleaner is designed to clean the bottom of the pools floor. It does very well getting itself out of corners buy rotating its left wheel backwards while the right wheel allways movers forward. This design allows the cleaner to turn often and clean every inch of the floor as well.

Too much suction will allow the poolcleaner to drive all the way up to the surface of the water on the pools wall. Reaching the top of the pools surface the cleaner will then start drawing in air. This problem creates a loud noise that can reach across the neighborhood. To ensure that the cleaner does not have too much suction, follow these steps. With the pump on and the cleaner working count the rotations of the right wheel. This is the wheel mentioned above that always moves forward. Adjust the suction on the cleaner to where the wheel rotates six times, (or as close to six as possible) in 30 seconds. This will allow the cleaner to have enough suction to clean the floor, but not enough to climb out.D

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