Pool tile cleaning Gilbert Az

Posted by pool guy on July 24, 2017
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Pool tile cleaning Gilbert Az Pool tile cleaning Gilbert Az by Pool Rescuers. With best and top of the line equipment, Pool Rescuers can have your pools tile cleaned in one day. Click here for an estimate! How we clean your pools tile In order to clean pool tile the water level has to be below the tile completely. Pool Rescuers will start draining the water in the pool when they arrive on site to clean the tile. While the pools water level is dropping Pool Rescuers starts pulling out the heavy machinery. The high pressure air compressor allows PoolRead More
How to start a pool cleaning business How to start a pool cleaning business and be successful at doing so. When I first decided to start a pool cleaning business I remember Googleing and Youtubing how to start. There was not a video i hadn’t watched or a post i did not read. Roaming around on the internet a few weeks ago I decided to google some of the same key terms as I did back when, “how to start a pool cleaning business.” It seemed as if the information being posted was from individuals that “knew” a lot butRead More

Pool service in Gilbert Az

Posted by pool guy on July 21, 2017
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Pool service in Gilbert Az Pool Service in Gilbert Az with Pool Rescuers is a easy choice when looking for weekly swimming pool maintenance. Count on the highly qualified CPO certified techs to handle your pool each and every week. Their PRIMARIES AND SECONDARY pool cleaning system provide the best over all service for your pool. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR ESTIMATE NOW! PRIMARIES Every time your service tech is on your property, your pool will receive the four primaries. Pool Rescuers service technicians will Skim the surface of the pool removing all debris. Brush down all walls, benches, andRead More

Pool service Gilbert Az

Posted by pool guy on July 19, 2017
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Pool service Gilbert Az Pool service Gilbert Az with Pool Rescuers provides every pool in Gilbert the highest level of care. All Pool Rescuers service technicians are all CPO certified and knowledgeable to handle all swimming pool needs. Click here to request an estimate for your pool! What we provide Pool Rescuers provide the best possible weekly pool service as well as repair for all swimming pools. Once on weekly service route Pool Rescuers will provide service on the day scheduled each and every week. There is no longer any guessing when the pool will be serviced. Listed are theRead More

Two wheel poolcleaner

Posted by pool guy on July 13, 2017
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Two wheel poolcleaner Two wheel poolcleaner from Poolvergnueg, a Hayward company is by far the best suctions side pool cleaner on the market. The two wheel poolcleaner performs off of the suction of your pools pump allowing it to easily function. This pool vacuum is like no other cleaner on the market. See our video to find out why. Why its the best The two wheel poolcleaner is the best on the market for one simple reason, collapsible fins on the turbine. Collapsible fins on the two wheel poolcleaners turbine allow small and large debris to freely pass without jammingRead More
Weekly pool service Gilbert Az Weekly pool service Gilbert Az is Pool Rescuers specialty. Pool Rescuers services any and all in ground pools located in Gilbert Az on a weekly basis. Pools are serviced in Val Vista Lakes, Layton Lakes, Ashland Ranch as well as many more neighborhoods spread out across the town of Gilbert Az. Request a quote now! Click here Weekly pool service includes Skimming the surface of the pool Brushing all walls, steps, and benches Emptying all baskets Balancing standard chemicals Back washing the pools filter Vacuuming the bottom of the pool when needed Cleaning salt cellsRead More
How to cool down your pool water How to cool down your pool water. During the hot summer days it is always enjoyable to get into a nice and inviting swimming pool to cool off. It is quickly realized that once in the pool it is no different than being in a bath. The water temperature may not be as refreshing as one might want. Cooling down your pool water is easier than one might think.    Aerator The pool aerator can be found around the perimeter of the pool and is turned on with a valve by the poolsRead More
Pool service Gilbert Arizona Pool service Gilbert Arizona by Pool Rescuers is one smart choice for all your pool servicing needs. The highly trained staff can help any pool owner in Gilbert Arizona with not only weekly pool service but much more. Pool Rescuers can provide estimates on repairs, new product instillation, as well as green pool clean ups. Service technicians at Pool Rescuers pride themselves on the ability maintain customers pools. A list is provided to better understand what a customer can expect from weekly service. Every single time Pool service Gilbert Arizona is done the exact same wayRead More
Pool tile cleaning chandler Arizona     Pool tile cleaning chandler Arizona with Pool Rescuers is your number one choice when removing calcium from your pools tile. See our video on how we do this. When your pool tiles ready for a cleaning there are a few different ways to remove this calcium from your tile. Allow Pool Rescuers to come out and measure your pools tile to give you an estimate on how much it will cost. What we need to know the perimeter of your pool how bad the calcium line is what type of tile or surfaceRead More
Hayward T15 salt cell troubleshooting Hayward T15 salt cell troubleshooting. Be sure to watch Pool Rescuers video and a tip when trying to troubleshoot your hayward T-15 salt cell.   How I Learned this After becoming a Hayward warranty station, I quickly noticed a trend in the salt cell warranty claims that were being filed on the Haward T15 salt cells. The calls come in from the customers informing me that the salt cell was no longer producing chlorine and that the cell was reading low salt. I always ask the customer if the cell was cleaned and they informRead More