Commercial Pool Service

Commercial pool service takes a highly trained and highly knowledgeable pool service company. At Pool Rescuers, we have a team that handles only commercial pools. Our techs are on site at commercial pools each and every day. We know how important it is to manage a commercial pool and how to keep all the users safe. These pools have an endless list of steps that need to be taken each and every visit to insure the safety of the public. We strive for excellence by being up to date in all the policy and procedures with these public pools. We always report any issues the pool may experience before we leave the site. In some cases we will even stay on site until management can meet our team there to personally inform management of the issue. Pool Rescuers are Certified Pool Operators (CPO) and are licensed, bonded, and insured.


Commercial Pool Service


Pool Rescuers will always document chemical readings when servicing the commercial pool. We use Maricopa County Certified log sheets that document these chemicals for both pool and spa water readings.

  • Total chlorine readings for both pool and spa
  • pH levels for both pool and spa
  • Total alkalinity for both pool and spa
  • Temperature for both pool and spa

Along with these readings we also provide information on whether we added any chemicals to the water, the amount of which we added, and if we back washed the pool or spa.

We Go Above and Beyond

Knowing what the minimum is with commercial pools, Pool Rescuers set the bar higher. We will also check before leaving the site

  • Pool and spa lights are working
  • Timers are working
  • Safety equipment is present on site

We have different plans to choose from with commercial pools. You can choose an all basic chemical included price, or a pay for chemicals as you go plan. Please call today to schedule an appointment with a Pool Rescuer Commercial Tech. We can and will provide references.



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