East Valley Pool Service


Pool Rescuers are set apart from the majority of pool service providers for a few key reasons. We love what we do. We understand that although the industry may not have a standard, that the Pool Rescuer Standard is set very high. Our understanding of water chemistry is top of our list. Our customer and their families enjoy splashing around in the water and we take that as serious business. All our techs are Certified Pool Operators and have passed their CPO classes.

East Valley Pool Service


When you choose to have Pool Rescuers manage your pool we get right to work. Your first visit will be scheduled with one of our managers. When we meet at the pool for time you will have the opportunity to look through our start up packet when we perform our 50 point pool inspection. Our tech will look over the equipment and run a water analysis on your pool. Once this is completed we will go over it with you. We will perform the first service, and then put you on our route. We will inform you of your service day of the week and which tech will be serving your pool. You are now ready for your CPO service tech to manage the pool from there.


Although our certified techs will be at your property each week, we also perform our 21 point quarterly pool inspections on the first month of each quarter. This is important to us at Pool Rescuers because we are here to not only service your pool, we are here to manage it. This inspections help keep information about your pool on file, as well as to predict if there is a issue about to happen. All pools are different and act differently. Our 21 point pool inspections help with preventative maintenance and often catch problems before they occur.

East Valley Pool Service

East valley pool service is very competitive in the pool industry. Schedule an appointment with a Pool Rescuers FIRST! We service the following and surrounding cities. 480-512-1346

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