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Need a Weekly Pool Service Provider?

Well you came to the right place. We have all kinds pool service providers here at Pool Rescuers. If you would like to get started on our weekly service program please click the get started button below. Our service plans start at $99 a month for a basic pool.


If you want a little more information on why you should hire us too, stick around. Let me take you into the life of a pool service pro.

Your pool

Your pool consists of three main systems.

  • Circulation
  • Filtration
  • Water Chemistry

Being able to manage these three systems is the key to success in the pool service business. Each system has a very specific function in keeping your pool healthy. It’s our job as a pool service provider to make sure that we manage these systems correctly.


Circulation is how your pool moves its water. The water is able to circulate due to the pool pump, your good ol pool pump. The pool pump has a motor that moves the water from the pool, through the filter, and back into the pool. The water passes through your pools plumbing.


A pool filter is what is responsible for cleaning the water in your pool. It filters the water. There are three types of pool filters, sand, cartridge, and DE. These three filters needs to be treated differently and require different attention. Sand filters need to be backwashed more often that DE filters. DE filters are the best types of pool filters, and cartridge filters don’t even need to be backwashed.

Send me a picture of your pool filter

Water Chemistry

This is a big one. Chlorine and ph levels are the most important chemicals to check when testing a pools water. Both have very important rules to follow. Did you know that if a pools pH is out of range, the chlorine becomes less effective? Has your pool ever turned green? Pool Rescuers pools don’t ha! Contact us and get started on our weekly pool service.

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Managing your pool

My team and I want to make sure that we do the very best we can when It comes to managing your pool. We have a lot of systems that allow us to run checks and balances on how your pool is getting service.

Start up inspection

The first step to starting service on your pool is knowing what condition it is in currently. This is going to take time, but we have a solution for this. We have created a start up pool inspection that allows our senior technicians to fully understand what type of condition you pool is in.

Quarterly Checks

My team and I want to make sure that your pool stays in the best shape that it can. Every quarter we will run a quarterly inspection on your pool for two reasons. One being preventative maintenance and the second one being to keep you in the know.

You’re here for a good pool guy right? It is my belief that, if you can find a team that cares about preventative maintenance on your pool, they will be a good team to hire. Anyone can skim, brush, and throw shock into a pool, but who is going to prevent the pool from having issues. We are. Hire us.

You need to know if your pool is having issues so that you can decide if you want to fix it or not. Informing our customers of what needs to be done BEFORE an issue occurs is done with our quarterly pool inspections.

There’s more to know about how we run our ship, but you just need a pool guy to manage your pool. So lets get this started. I need some information about your pool.

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