Hayward eco star drive stall error
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Hayward Eco star drive stall error

Drive stall error

Hayward Ecostar drive stall error is unfortunately a common problem with Hayward Eco Star variable speed motors. Drive stall problems are noticed when the pump tries to turn itself on and can not. The pump will “stall” throwing a red light on the control board. The board will also state that it has stalled and that there is a pump stall error.

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Hayward Ecostar drive stall error

What to check first

Hayward has worked on this problem for a while and has been able to bring the amount of drive stalls down on their units. If you are experience a drive stall error on your pools pump motor, take these steps to try and correct the issue first.

  • Shut down the power to the pump from the breaker for five minutes – turn back on and try to run the pump.
  • Make sure that there are no blockages in the impeller cause the motor to to be able to rotate.
  • Make sure that the drive is bonded and all four tightening screws are secure on the drive.

When running through all these checks and balances if it is noticed that there is not bond wire or that the tightening screws are not all secure, correct the issue. Attach a bond wire to the Eco star drive pump or tighten the loose screws on the bottom of the motor. When this has been corrected, shut the power down to the pump and rest it after five minutes. Check if the pump will now run.

This still did not work

After checking these items if the motor is still saying drive stall error, it may mean that you need a new drive. Check the serial number on the pumps sticker. Hayward offers now a 4 year warranty on these drives. If you have had the pump less than four years you can file a claim on the drive for a warranty.

Contact Pool Rescuers for a warranty repair

Pool Rescuers can run a warranty if you are located in the following cities in the East Valley of Arizona:

Gilbert – Chandler – Mesa – Apache Junction – Queen Creek – Tempe – Scottsdale

In order to run a warranty on your pool pump we will need the following information sent to us

  • Customers Name
  • Customers Address
  • Phone number
  • Day the pump was installed and started up
  • Who the pump was purchased from or installed by

Once we have this information on your pump, we can run a warranty for you. Contact Pool Rescuers HERE with the information needed.

No Longer under warranty

If the Ecostar pump is no longer under warranty, a new drive can be purchased here.

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