How to clean pool filter

How to clean pool filter

How to clean pool filter. In this video Pool Rescuers shows you how to clean your pool filter. The pool filter cleaned in this video is a cartridge filter. Pool Rescuers has another video on how to clean a DE pool filter, see our video here. In Order to keep your pool healthy and happy, you need to ensure your pool is properly, circulating, filtrating, and has the proper water chemistry. Be sure to clean your pools filter twice a year to ensure proper filtration.

Make sure your system is shut off at the breaker. This will make sure that your pool circulation system will not run while you have the filtration system open. Follow the steps in this video to complete how to clean pool filter.

  • Open air relieve valve
  • Pull of drain plug on bottom
  • Remove tank bank clamp
  • Take the filter tank lid off
  • Pull out all cartridges

When your cartridges are out of the filter tank, they can now be sprayed down. It is a good idea to use a high pressure nozzle on the end of your garden hose when spraying down. This will make sure that the water gets in between each pleat of each cartridge. When using an open hose or sprayer, it doesn’t not allow enough pressure to clean the cartridge properly. Start spraying the top of the cartridge and work your flow down to the bottom. Gravity will help bring all the algae and debris down the cartridge and off the bottom. Rotate the cartridge when the one side is clean and start another section. Complete this process until each cartridge is clean.

Reassemble the filter

Replace the cartridges back into the filter tank, replacing the top manifold when each one is back in its spot. Properly clean and re lubricate the filter tank oring and replace the top of the filter tank. Re install the filter tank clamp and make sure that it is properly secured. Place the drain plug back into the filter and turn your system back on. The circulation pump will prime and start filling the tank back up with water. Close the air relief valve at the top of the tank once there is a steady stream of water. Check your system for leaks and fix if needed.



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