How to remove rust stains from pool

How to remove rust stains from pool

How to remove rust stains from pool. There are a lot of objects that can leave rust stains at the bottom of your pools surface. None stainless steal hardware, lawn fertilizer, and even different types of yard clippings can cause unwanted and ugly stains at the bottom of your pool. Draining and acid washing your pool to remove these stains are not always the best way to remove them. Check out this video on how to remove rust stains from your pool without having any down time on pool usage time. Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

how to remove rust stains from pool

What you will need

You are going to need a few simple supplies to pull this off. First you are going to be using muriatic acid which can be very dangerous. Please use protective gloves, eye wear, and a gas mask. Here is a list of items to get before you start.

  • 3/4 inch pvc (length will depend on the depth of your pool where stains are.)
  • funnel (larger the better)
  • muriatic acid
  • pool water test kit
  • pH up, soda ash, or baking soda (to raise pH level in pool water once acid is added)

Step one:

Shut the pool pump off so that the water is not circulating. Test your pools pH leve. If your pool waters pH level is already low, it would be a good idea to raise the pH level so that you do not lower the pH level even lower than it is. Start this process with the ph level above 7.8. When you start adding the muritaic acid the pH level in the water will lower more and more as you add acid to remove the rust stains in the pool.

Step two:

Place your acid removal tool, (pvc and funnel) on or near the rust stain you are wanting to remove. Once the pvc base is at the rust stain, slowly poor the muriatic acid into the funnel. Please remember to use protective gear. The muriatic acid is heavier than water and will run all the way down your rust stain removal tool. When the acid reaches the stain you will start to see the reaction of the acid to the fountain of the pool and the stain will start to remove. Do this until the stain is removed.

Step three:

Once the rust stain has been removed brush the area down with your pool brush. Repeat step two on all areas of rust you are wanting to remove from the pools surface. Once step two and three are completed on all the areas of rust you are removing, proceed to step four.

Step Four:

Turn on the pools circulation pump to allow the pool to circulate the water. Brush down the entire pool the help with circulating the acid into the pool water. Test the water again and see where your pH level is at. The pH level in the pool water will lower when you do this. It is important to raise the pH level back up between 7.2-7.8. Adding Ph up, soda ash, or even baking soda will raise the ph level in your pool.

I hope that this information was helpful for you and your pool. This rust removal from your pool is intended for small areas of which your pool surface may have rust. If there are large areas all over the pools surface, it may be better to acid wash your pool.

How to remove rust stains from pool

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