How to start a pool cleaning business

How to start a pool cleaning business

How to start a pool cleaning business and be successful at doing so. When I first decided to start a pool cleaning business I remember Googleing and Youtubing how to start. There was not a video i hadn’t watched or a post i did not read. Roaming around on the internet a few weeks ago I decided to google some of the same key terms as I did back when, “how to start a pool cleaning business.” It seemed as if the information being posted was from individuals that “knew” a lot but fell short of actually owning a pool service business. So I’m going to start laying it all out there for everyone to see.

How to start a pool cleaning business

First of all

Hello my name is Ryan with Pool Rescuers. Id like to start this off by saying that my way is in no shape or form the right way. Im going to tell you how I did and how I still do things. From how I got my first service account, to how I grew to 300 service accounts. I have made mistakes along the way, I have probably made more mistakes than your average pool business owner, and i still make mistakes to this day. With that being said though, I have made a pretty comfortable living for my family, pay and treat my techs on staff well, and have done it faster than most service techs I know.

Lets connect

As you read this you might be really wanting to quit your job to start your own business. You may even be just starting off and working towards your first 10 accounts. Wherever you are we need to connect. Find me on Facebook. Follow me and Direct message me on Instagram @pool_rescuers (easiest way to contact me). Subscribe to me on Youtube and start watching my videos and asking questions. In this industry you will find more often than not that other pool service techs will not want to talk business to you. If you do happen to get someone to talk business to you, they actually might be lying.

Why I’m doing this

I truly love being in the pool service business. It has allowed me to do more with my family I ever though possible. The hardest part about my journey was making mistakes. Was not knowing i was going in the wrong direction until i figured it out and had to start over. I also love talking shop with other techs that I know are providing me TRUE information about their business. Look, the pool cleaning business is extremely competitive. The pool guy that doesn’t or won’t talk shop to you is probably losing, or going to lose. Lets get started. Hope to hear from you soon.


Pool Rescuers

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