Hayward Warranty

26 Oct 2017

Hayward warranty can be performed by Pool Rescuers in the East Valley of Arizona. If you are having troubles with your Hayward pool products, skip the wait on the 1-800 number and contact us today. Pool Rescuers can help you get that product back up and running.

Where We Run Warranties At

We currently run warranties out of the following cities:

  • Gilbert

  • Chandler

  • Mesa

  • Queen Creek

  • Tempe

  • Scottsdale

Contact us Today at 480-512-1346!


Hayward Ecostar Drive Stall Error

26 Oct 2017

Hayward Ecostar drive stall error is unfortunately a common problem with Hayward Eco Star variable speed motors. Drive stall problems are noticed when the pump tries to turn itself on and can not. The pump will “stall” throwing a red light on the control board. The board will also state that it has stalled and that there is a pump stall error.

CALL us for warranty repair! 480-512-1346

What to Check First

Hayward has worked on this problem for a while and has been able to bring the amount of drive stalls down on their units. If you are experience a drive stall error on your pools pump motor, take these steps to try and correct the issue first.

  • Shut down the power to the pump from the breaker for five minutes – turn back on and try to run the pump.

  • Make sure that there are no blockages in the impeller cause the motor to to be able to rotate.

  • Make sure that the drive is bonded and all four tightening screws are secure on the drive.

When running through all these checks and balances if it is noticed that there is not bond wire or that the tightening screws are not all secure, correct the issue. Attach a bond wire to the Eco star drive pump or tighten the loose screws on the bottom of the motor. When this has been corrected, shut the power down to the pump and rest it after five minutes. Check if the pump will now run.

This Still Did Not Work

After checking these items if the motor is still saying drive stall error, it may mean that you need a new drive. Check the serial number on the pumps sticker. Hayward offers now a 4 year warranty on these drives. If you have had the pump less than four years you can file a claim on the drive for a warranty.

Contact Pool Rescuers for a Warranty Repair

Pool Rescuers can run a warranty if you are located in the following cities in the East Valley of Arizona:

Gilbert – Chandler – Mesa – Apache Junction – Queen Creek – Tempe – Scottsdale

In order to run a warranty on your pool pump we will need the following information sent to us

  • Customers Name

  • Customers Address

  • Phone number

  • Day the pump was installed and started up

  • Who the pump was purchased from or installed by

Once we have this information on your pump, we can run a warranty for you. Contact Pool Rescuers HERE with the information needed.

No Longer Under Warranty?

If the Ecostar pump is no longer under warranty, a new drive can be purchased HERE.


How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

23 Jul 2017

How to start a pool cleaning business and be successful at doing so. When I first decided to start a pool cleaning business I remember Googleing and Youtubing how to start. There was not a video i hadn’t watched or a post i did not read. Roaming around on the internet a few weeks ago I decided to google some of the same key terms as I did back when, “how to start a pool cleaning business.” It seemed as if the information being posted was from individuals that “knew” a lot but fell short of actually owning a pool service business. So I’m going to start laying it all out there for everyone to see.

First of All

Hello my name is Ryan with Pool Rescuers. Id like to start this off by saying that my way is in no shape or form the right way. Im going to tell you how I did and how I still do things. From how I got my first service account, to how I grew to 300 service accounts. I have made mistakes along the way, I have probably made more mistakes than your average pool business owner, and i still make mistakes to this day. With that being said though, I have made a pretty comfortable living for my family, pay and treat my techs on staff well, and have done it faster than most service techs I know.

Lets Connect

As you read this you might be really wanting to quit your job to start your own business. You may even be just starting off and working towards your first 10 accounts. Wherever you are we need to connect. Find me on Facebook. Follow me and Direct message me on Instagram @pool_rescuers (easiest way to contact me). Subscribe to me on Youtube and start watching my videos and asking questions. In this industry you will find more often than not that other pool service techs will not want to talk business to you. If you do happen to get someone to talk business to you, they actually might be lying.

Why I’m Doing This

I truly love being in the pool service business. It has allowed me to do more with my family I ever though possible. The hardest part about my journey was making mistakes. Was not knowing i was going in the wrong direction until i figured it out and had to start over. I also love talking shop with other techs that I know are providing me TRUE information about their business. Look, the pool cleaning business is extremely competitive. The pool guy that doesn’t or won’t talk shop to you is probably losing, or going to lose. Lets get started. Hope to hear from you soon.

Two wheel PoolCleaner

13 Jul 2017

Two wheel poolcleaner from Poolvergnueg, a Hayward company is by far the best suctions side pool cleaner on the market. The two wheel poolcleaner performs off of the suction of your pools pump allowing it to easily function. This pool vacuum is like no other cleaner on the market. See our video to find out why.

Why its the best

The two wheel poolcleaner is the best on the market for one simple reason, collapsible fins on the turbine. Collapsible fins on the two wheel poolcleaners turbine allow small and large debris to freely pass without jamming up the cleaner. This system inside Haywards poolcleaner and now their navigator is patent protected. No other pool vacuum can have this system inside thier cleaners. There are other swimming pool vacuums on the market that look like this cleaner, but have fixed turbines. Want the best suction side pool vacuum, buy this cleaner.

The cons on this cleaner

There are two cons that customers do not seem to like about the two wheel poolcleaner. These issues come up few and far between but are worth mentioning.

  • Not designed to clean to walls

  • Too much suction to cleaner makes it climb out of the pool.

The two wheel poolcleaner, is not designed to clean the sides of the pools walls. With enough suction, this cleaner can sure get up any wall but it was not designed for it. The poolcleaner is designed to clean the bottom of the pools floor. It does very well getting itself out of corners buy rotating its left wheel backwards while the right wheel allways movers forward. This design allows the cleaner to turn often and clean every inch of the floor as well.

Too much suction will allow the poolcleaner to drive all the way up to the surface of the water on the pools wall. Reaching the top of the pools surface the cleaner will then start drawing in air. This problem creates a loud noise that can reach across the neighborhood. To ensure that the cleaner does not have too much suction, follow these steps. With the pump on and the cleaner working count the rotations of the right wheel. This is the wheel mentioned above that always moves forward. Adjust the suction on the cleaner to where the wheel rotates six times, (or as close to six as possible) in 30 seconds. This will allow the cleaner to have enough suction to clean the floor, but not enough to climb out.D

Weekly Pool Service Gilbert AZ

10 Jul 2017

Weekly pool service Gilbert Az is Pool Rescuers specialty. Pool Rescuers services any and all in ground pools located in Gilbert Az on a weekly basis. Pools are serviced in Val Vista Lakes, Layton Lakes, Ashland Ranch as well as many more neighborhoods spread out across the town of Gilbert Az.


Weekly pool service includes

Skimming the surface of the pool
Brushing all walls, steps, and benches
Emptying all baskets
Balancing standard chemicals
Back washing the pools filter
Vacuuming the bottom of the pool when needed
Cleaning salt cells if they apply

Why Pool Rescuers

Pool Rescuers is a largely growing family owned business located in Gilbert Az. All service technicians providing weekly pool service Gilbert Az have been certified as a pool operator or CPO class. We take your pool and the health of your family seriously when servicing your pool. Pool Rescuers try to prevent any issues that may come up during service such as pools turning green but know sometimes issues come up. Your back yard swimming pool is one of the largest appliances operating in your house. The Pool Rescuers difference is that when issues do arise, we quickly work on getting pools back to their enjoyable state.

Our Knowledge

Our team and staff are always seeking out better ways to service our customers. We regularly attend meetings in new equipment hitting the markets and do personal research when dealing with pool related issues. Pool Rescuers knows where to go for products and new equipment to get the home owner the best products and the best rate. You are in good hands when choosing to go with Pool Rescuers for weekly pool service Gilbert Az.

Thank You

Thank you for considering Pool Rescuers to service your pool in Gilbert Az. You can regularly see our trucks out on the road. Feel free to ask one of our technicians any pool related questions you may have.

How to cool down your pool water

8 Jul 2017

How to cool down your pool water. During the hot summer days it is always enjoyable to get into a nice and inviting swimming pool to cool off. It is quickly realized that once in the pool it is no different than being in a bath. The water temperature may not be as refreshing as one might want. Cooling down your pool water is easier than one might think.


The pool aerator can be found around the perimeter of the pool and is turned on with a valve by the pools equipment. The pools circulation system must be running for the aerator to work. Water is forced through the head of the aerator pushing a small fan of water through the evening air. This water mixes with the air and returns back to the pool dropping the temperature of the water.

When to run the aerator

The most effective time to run the pools aerator is in the night hours. Running the aerator at night will allow the water to mix with the cooler air temperatures therefor lowering the pools water temperature.

How to run the aerator

  • Make sure the circulation pump is running

  • Locate the valve the feeds water to the aerator head

  • Open the valve

  • Allow the pool to run

Set the pools timer to run during the night hours. After opening the valve that feeds to the aerator allow the pool to run. Test the temperature of the pools water before starting this process. After running the pools aerator for a night or two test the temperature again and check your results.

Want to cool the pool down faster?

If running the aerator is not cooling the pool down fast enough or low enough for you try looking into a pool cooler or a heat pump. These units are designed to lower the pools temperature faster.


Hayward T15 salt cell troubleshooting

23 Jun 2017

Hayward T15 salt cell troubleshooting. Be sure to watch Pool Rescuers video and a tip when trying to troubleshoot your hayward T-15 salt cell.

How I Learned this

After becoming a Hayward warranty station, I quickly noticed a trend in the salt cell warranty claims that were being filed on the Haward T15 salt cells. The calls come in from the customers informing me that the salt cell was no longer producing chlorine and that the cell was reading low salt. I always ask the customer if the cell was cleaned and they inform me that they had cleaned the cell. More often than not I get on the customers property to see that the cell was in fact cleaned, but the sensor was still blocked with calcium. Once the cell was properly cleaned, the cell often starts producing chlorine again due to a clean sensor. See our video on what to look for before you run out and buy a new cell. All credit on learning this goes to the best Hayward district manager.

Make sure you have the proper equipment.

It is not a good idea to clean a Hayward T15 salt cell in a bucket of water and acid mixture. You need to make sure you have the proper equipment. You can buy the recommended Hayward salt cell cleaning stand HERE. Once you have the proper stand you can clean the cell properly.

What to look for

When your Hayward T15 salt cell is saying that the salt is low in your pool and is not producing chlorine, follow these steps

  • Test the pool water to make sure that the salt content is between 3200-3500ppm

  • During cleaning, make sure the cord side is down.

  • Finally, make sure the cells sensor is clear of any calcium build up.

This is a picture of a clean cell but a dirty sensor. You can see the sensor is located where the cord goes into the cell and can be seen in the bottom middle of the salt cell pleats.

This is a picture of a clean cell and a clean sensor

Reinstall the cell

With the pool water in proper range of salt, cell cleaned, and sensor clear, it is now time to put the cell back into your equipment. It does not matter here what size the cord is on. It also does not matter if the cord is facing up or down. Ensuring that there are no leaks at the unions is all that matters when re installing the cell.

Once the cell is back in place turn on the filter pump. The Hayward T15 salt cell will go through its run cycle and start counting down. When this stops, BAM! proper readings and generating chlorine. You just saved yourself from having to buy a new salt cell.


Ok, Ok, this is not going to work on every cell. I have gone out on calls where the sensor is dirty, I clean the sensor, and it still does not work. If after cleaning the cell it still indicates that the salt content is low, this is a bad cell. These cells are like batteries and will go bad. Listed below are links to be able to purchase a new salt cell. I recommend always going with the T15.

15,000 Gallons Hayward T-3

25,000 Gallons Hayward T-9

40,000 GallonsHayward T-15

How to clear up a green pool

20 May 2017

How to clear up a green pool. In the video we shot with Pool Rescuers, they chose to clear a green pool by using the chemical called Revive. In this video Pool Rescuers shows American Pool boy viewers how to properly add revive and clear a green pool. Using revive involves three steps. If done properly, the pool can cleared in two days. The first step is prepping the pool for the revive. The second step is adding the revive. The third step is clearing out the revive and putting the pool back together.

Step One : Prepping the pool

In prepping the pool, you want to make sure you skim the surface of the pool. Debris left on top of the pools surface will cause this chemical to stick to it rather than drop to the bottom. Brush the pool down after skimming the pools service. All walls, steps, benches, and even the floor should be brushed down. Brushing the entire pool down will allow all the algae and contaminates to be suspended in the water. Revive starts dropping to the bottom, it will catch this debris and leave it on the bottom for you for step three. Make sure the filtration pump and any other pumps that circulate the pools water is turned off. The pools water needs to stay stagnant. The water can not be moving for this chemical to properly work. This is a great selling point to your customers as well.

Step Two : Adding the revive

Revive is a flocculant that will clear up a green pool. This means that the chem starts at the top, or on the pools surface and slowly falls to the bottom of the pool, collecting all the contaminates with it. Revive will collect the pool waters contaminates as it settles to the bottom of the pools floor, allowing for a vac to waste. The best way to add this chemical is to attach it to a garden hose and spray it on top of the pools surface. Make sure that you use the proper amount depending on the size of your pool. You must wait 24-48, (sometimes sooner) for revive to settle to the bottom. Return to the pool on day two and begin step three.

Step Three : removing the Revive and starting the pool

Returning to your project you should see that the pool is clear and the revive collected all the contaminates sitting on the floor. The clear this debris you must vacuum it out. In this video we used a dolly vac, bypassing the customers equipment. This is a great way to discharge the contaminates and leave your customers pool clean and clear.

Weekly Pool Service

7 May 2017

Weekly pool service is important in keeping your pool healthy and safe for your family’s use. are first step is skimming. we skim the service of the pool to remove all debris.


We brush down all steps benches and walls. this will remove all growth not reached by your automatic cleaner


we then remove debris from all baskets. this will allow better flow to your pump and motor and allow better circulation.


when needed we always make sure to vacuum the bottom of your pool if your automatic cleaner has missed any areas. backwashing is also done as needed. Pool Rescuers has the knowledge and know how to manage any and all types of pool filters.


balancing your chemical leave is very important in managing your pool. Chlorine is added when levels are low and acid is used to control high pH levels. We always leave a service note informing the customer of the date, time, services performed, and chemical levels of when we arrived.

Please always watch children around water.

Thank you for choosing Pool Rescuers to manage all your pools needs. Call today for service options.