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What pool equipment services do we offer?

  • Pool equipment installation
  • Pool equipment maintenance

Automatic pool cleaners connect to your skimmer box and operate on the suction from your existing pool pump. They randomly move about the pool interior like a ‘mobile vacuum cleaner’ picking up dirt and small debris so your pool always looks freshly vacuumed and inviting. They have very few moving parts and are very reliable. No pool should be without one! There are pool cleaners for different types of pool finishes, and even different shaped pools.

There are 2 main types of cleaners:

  1. Skirt type cleanersThese usually use a hammer or diaphragm propulsion method and work on a random pattern to cover the pool floor. Some cleaners will also clean the pool sides, but this is dependent on the amount of curve at the pool floor. But if your cleaner only does the floor, don’t worry; that’s where most of the dirt is anyway! Diaphragm type cleaners usually need the diaphragm replaced every couple of years but they are easy to replace yourself and are quite inexpensive.
  2. Geared cleaners
    • Gear type cleaners can turn themselves around, so they are ideal if you have a pool with sharp corners or steps that can trap a skirt cleaner. They are more commonly sold in inground pools. They usually require a bit more maintenance than a skirt cleaner, but that’s an acceptable compromise for the added versatility of a geared cleaner.
    • No cleaner yet invented can guarantee 100% of the pool area being cleaned. High turbulence areas such as near the return eyeball and behind steps can prevent a cleaner from cleaning all of your pool. But generally they will clean about 90% of the pool area, saving you not only time, but also keeps your pool looking inviting and clean.