Pool Filter Cleaning

Pool filter cleaning is one of three basic steps in assuring a safe and healthy pool. With the Arizona wind, dust and debris is a continuous problem for Arizona pools. They are littered with particulates that gunk up your filtering system. Because of this you need your filters cleaned roughly once every six months, depending on the size of pool and location relative to dust, trees, & plants. The type of filtration system also dictates how often you need to clean the filter system and the steps involved. The most common filtration systems are: Cartridge, DE, & Sand. One of these three can do the job for just about any residential pool and can also be cleaned relatively easily but they can require a lot of tedious steps.

Pool Filter Cleaning


We provide filter cleanings to customers in the East valley who have DE or cartridge filters. Please call us for a quote on what we charge for our filter cleanings. We often run specials.

Filter Cleaning Instructions

  • make sure the system is of and drain out all the water from air release on top
  • remove the top from the bottom of the tank be taking off the band clamp
  • take out the cartridges or the grids if you have a DE filter
  • spray them off starting at the top and moving towards the bottom. (use high pressure nozzle)
  • reassemble pool filter
  • prime pump and bleed air

Most Manufactures suggest the a pool filter, (cartridge and DE,) should be cleaned every six months.

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