Pool Repair

Pool Repair in the East Valley is lead by the team of Pool Rescuers. We continue to learn how all pools work and function. In order to have a clean, clear, and healthy pool, three main areas of the pool have to be in order. Circulation, filtration, and water chemistry. It seems all too often that one of these three key points are off. When something fails with your pool call Pool Rescuers to have us diagnose your issue.

pool repair

Filtration Issues

Customers call Pool Rescuers often with circulation issues. Whether your filter pressure is too high or too low our team at Pool Rescuers can help you handle all your pool repairs.

  • Filter cleanings
  • Cartridge replacement
  • DE grid installs
  • Filter equipment upgrades

Circulation Issues

Many times your pool equipment may have leaks or cracks in it. With Arizona’s hot sun beating down on your pools equipment it can often fail causing these cracks and leaks. It is important to know where the crack is and what failure it is causing to your pool equipment. Cracks in front of your pool pump will cause air to suck into the system and lose prime. These leaks are hard to see but can be heard. Also the system will lose prime and stop circulating water all together. Leaks behind the pool pump are easier to spot. You will notice water leaking or spraying out of your equipment. In both cases its best to shut the pool of at once and call a Pool Rescuer to come help. We work on:

  • Pool Repair Pool pumps and motors
  • Pool Plumbing
  • Burnt out motors
  • New equipment installs

Pool Rescuers can help you with all your pool repair. From new light bulb installs to complete automation installs, We can do it. We look forward to helping you.


We Provide Pool Repairs in: