Pool service Gilbert Az

Pool service Gilbert Az

Pool service Gilbert Az with Pool Rescuers provides every pool in Gilbert the highest level of care. All Pool Rescuers service technicians are all CPO certified and knowledgeable to handle all swimming pool needs. Click here to request an estimate for your pool!

pool service gilbert az

What we provide

Pool Rescuers provide the best possible weekly pool service as well as repair for all swimming pools. Once on weekly service route Pool Rescuers will provide service on the day scheduled each and every week. There is no longer any guessing when the pool will be serviced. Listed are the steps of which your service tech will provide while providing weekly service on your swimming pool.

Our Primaries

Pool Rescuer primaries will be performed on your pool each and every time your pool is serviced.

  • Skimming the surface of your pool
  • Brushing the wall, benches, and steps
  • Emptying all baskets
  • Checking and balancing all basic chemicals

Although each and every pool is different and requires different types of care the pool can be properly cleaned with the four primary steps. When further action is needed Pool Rescuers will then move to their secondaries.

The Secondaries

Pool Rescuers secondaries are designed to help keep the pool clean, clear, and healthy in addition to the four primaries. The secondaries are done as needed and are not required to be done at each visit.

  • Back washing the pools filter
  • Manually vacuuming the pool
  • Cleaning the salt cell (if its a salt water pool)

What else?

Pool Rescuers provide a quarterly pool inspection on each weekly service account as well as information on the pools functionality. Managing a pool on weekly service is not only a few steps provide each week to keep the pool usable. while providing weekly service they also managing the pools needs so that future problems are avoided.

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