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Price is monthly.

Service is weekly.

Standard chemicals included

The price will change depending on the size of your pool and the landscape around it. Most customers we sign up fall under the $99 a month price range.

  • NO contracts
  • Provide standard chemicals
  • Service the pool weekly for this price

Pool service Gilbert AZ

Pool service Gilbert az

Gilbert Arizona, once referred to as the “hay capital of the world,” is located Southeast of Phoenix Arizona. Once being a small town, Gilbert has grown to be the sixth largest city in Arizona. This brings no surprise that Pool Rescuers has made Gilbert Az the hub of its service center. Pool Rescuers has currently been operating its pool service in Gilbert az for the past ten years. Gilbert is Pool Rescuers home and continues to keep its name reputable in the communities eye. If you are searching for pool service in Gilbert Az, Pool Rescuers needs to be your first call.

Why us

Gilbert consists of 76 square miles of beautiful desert, neighborhoods, and shopping centers, with no slowing in site. Over the last few years Gilbert has built many neighborhoods like Morrison Ranch, as well as Seville and Stone Creek. These neighborhoods were birthed off of the extremely high standards that Val vista lakes and Power ranch created before them. Pool Rescuers gladly provides pool service in Gilbert Az for all these listed communities.

Makes us different

Pool Rescuers holds their standards higher than some of their competitors. Understanding pool service in Gilbert Arizona is a competitive service to be in, Pool Rescuers stands apart from the other pool service providers. Pool Rescuers uses a application known as pool trac to communicate to their customers. Pool Rescuers is able to check into this app during the time they are preforming weekly service on your pool. The service techs enter chlorine and ph levels into the app at every visit. Completion of the service requires the tech to enter all information into the app as well as taking a picture of the clean pool. Checking out of the customers pool is the last step. A email with all this information is sent to the customer durning the completion of service.  It also includes a time and GPS stamp ensuring the proper time and location of the service.

Service performed

Pool Rescuers provides 4 primaries and 3 secondaries when servicing all pools on route. Pool Rescuers pioneered the 4 primary and 3 secondary cleaning system. The four primaries include:

  • Skimming
  • Brushing
  • Emptying baskets
  • Checking and balancing chemicals

The condition of the pool does not matter when the tech preforms weekly service on the pool. Four primary steps will be completed each time we are at your pool. It is important to understand what each one of these steps do to provide the customer with a clean pool.


Skimming is the first step our service techs take in making sure your pool is clean and clear of debris. The surface and tile line is lightly skimmed with our nets. Often times there is large debris that float to the bottom of the pool. Our service techs also skim that out. This removes all the larger debris from the water allowing it to look clean.


Brushing is the hardest step to tell if the pool needs as well as if it was done. Pool Rescuers brush the side walls, steps, and all benches when your Gilbert pool is serviced. Brushing the walls and steps makes sure that any growth or algae is knocked down to the bottom of the pool. The pools cleaning system pulls this debris into the filtering system.

Emptying baskets

Emptying baskets is a primary due to the importance of the step. Both the skimmer baskets and the pump baskets are cleared when the pool is being serviced. This will ensure that there is proper circulation in the pools equipment with no added restrictions. Skimmer baskets also make sure that no large debris such as sticks and rocks get into the equipment.

Water chemistry

This one here is the most important part when having a pool service tech clean your pool in Gilbert Az. Water chemistry is a never ending lesson. Many service techs do not understand the importance of putting in the proper amount of chemicals into your pool. It is important to know not only how to read the levels of chemistry in your pool, it is also important to know how to adjust these chemicals. CPO certificate is a requirement at Pool Rescuers. In this class service techs learn about the importance of water chemistry and how to adjust it.

Now that the four primaries are completed the pool should be clean and ready for you as the customer to use. Sometimes the pools take extra steps in order to make sure they are properly cleaned. This is why Pool Rescuers created the three secondaries

The three secondaries

During pool service in Gilbert Az the service techs may need to take additional steps to ensure the pool is clean for the customers to use. Not requiring during each visit, these secondaries are “as needed.” The three secondaries are

  • Manually vacuum the pool
  • Backwashing the pool
  • Cleaning salt cells if the apply

Pool Rescuers service techs are trained to know when do preform these steps as there is no cut and dry way to tell if these steps are needed at any given time.

Manually Vacuuming

Manually vacuuming the pool during weekly service in Gilbert Az is a important part of cleaning a customers pool. Wether it be dust, dust, or fine debris like leafs, brushing to the main drain will not create a clean pool once the debris or dirt settles. This is when our service techs come in and manually vacuum the bottom of the pool. We either take the vacuum head that the pool has off and put on our own vac. Or Pool Rescuers put a vac hose and head in and attach it too our poll to vacuum the pool.

Backwashing the pool

The pools filter is exactly that, a filter. Dirty water is bushed into the filter by the pools pump. When the dirty water is forced through the sand or de (depending on what type of filter the pool has,) the debris is left in the filter element and clean water is returned to the pool. After a while so much debris builds up in the filter that it needs to be backwashed. This service is only preformed on De and sand filters. The pool needing backwashed is determined by a few factors. One is the pressure of the filter and the other is the clarity of the filter.

clean the salt cell

The salt cells are cleaned by the service techs as needed. Salt cells need to be cleaned when the calcium build up inside the cell is too much for water to pass through. Every pool is different and every cell will need to be cleaned at different times. Making sure the sell is properly cleaned is an important step in providing full service to our customers.

Hire us now

Pool Rescuers is happy to perform pool service in Gilbert Az. We can’t wait to start, helping you manage your backyard oasis. Contact us today!