Pool service in Gilbert Az

Pool service in Gilbert Az

Pool Service in Gilbert Az with Pool Rescuers is a easy choice when looking for weekly swimming pool maintenance. Count on the highly qualified CPO certified techs to handle your pool each and every week. Their PRIMARIES AND SECONDARY pool cleaning system provide the best over all service for your pool. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR ESTIMATE NOW!

Pool service in Gilbert Az


Every time your service tech is on your property, your pool will receive the four primaries. Pool Rescuers service technicians will

  • Skim the surface of the pool removing all debris.
  • Brush down all walls, benches, and steps.
  • Empty all baskets on filtration line
  • Check and balance all basic chemicals

Pool Rescuers have found that if these steps are done in full on each visit the pool will be healthy and happy for the user.


Sometimes the pool needs a little extra attention when servicing. Pool Rescuers back up the primary step process with the secondary steps when needed.

  • Back washing the pools filter
  • Manually vacuum the pools floor
  • Cleaning the salt cells

Pool Rescuers perform these three secondaries as needed when the pool calls for it. Unlike the primaries, the secondaries are extra steps taken when the pool needs a little more.

Signing up

Pool Rescuers would enjoy meeting every customer on the first service when starting new pool service. During the first visit Pool Rescuers performs a 50 point start up inspection on the pool and its equipment. Include in this is a water analysis that will check every chemical in your pool making sure that it is balanced correctly. At this time it is a great opportunity to ask the Pool Rescuer technician any questions you may have about your pool and its system.

Few more key points

A few more key points why to choose Pool Rescuers to manage your Gilbert pool. Pool Rescuers employees are all w2 employs of the company. They do not out source weekly pool service to 10-99 contractors. This will allow you to go on route on a certain day and you can always expect us to be on your property that day of the week. All employees drive marked vehicles and wear company shirt so there is no question who we are and what we are there for.


Pool Rescuers cant wait to start servicing you Gilbert Az based pool. Please contact us today to get a quote for weekly pool maintenance.


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