Pool service near me
Pool Service

Pool service near me

You need pool service near you? That is quite fantastic because I am “Pool Service Near Me LLC” I named my company this so you could find me better. So… lets get this started. What are you in need of?

Alright, you caught me. Pool Service Near Me LLC is not the name of my business. My business is Pool Rescuers and I am located in Gilbert Arizona. Although I may not be near you as a pool service professional, I can probably help you find what you are looking for.

Why are you here

So, Let’s get this figured out. Did your last pool guy not do so well and now you are in need of a new one? Did you just buy a new house with a pool? Or you haven’t even bought the house yet and you are just getting in some research. OR, you just had a pool built and now you have no idea how to take care of the investment you just spent money on? Well it doesn’t matter because I can help you with your needs.

Last pool guy

This is the person that hires a pool pro, that pool pro messed up or quit, and now here you are having to find someone new to clean your pool. You need to find someone that can you can trust, not always easy. What about the dog and whether or not they get along. And how do you know this person is not criminal, right! Pool pro shopping isn’t the most enjoyable time now is it.

That’s where I can help you. We are going to talk about what you should look for when hiring a pool service pro. I know a thing or two about being a pool pro. I am one. That’s right I’m a real live pool pro at your service. Who thought when you woke this morning you would meet a pool pro like me. Ha!

Buying a house with a pool

First of all congrats on the new house! How cool is that. Is this your first time owning a home? Well that’s great, now lets talk about the pool in your backyard you know nothing about. To start things off we need to get serious, and seriously… its not that big of a deal. You have three main functions of a pool well being. Circulation, filtration, and water chemistry. We will get into that later as well. Join in on the fun.

Building a pool

You did it…. I cant believe you did it. You’re the last true family man Clark. Anyone know what movie that saying is? Anyways lets get back to that beautiful pool you just built. Now you got to keep it nice right? You spent all that money and now we need to make sure the service tech is taking care of it. Oh the pool builder has a recommendation do they? That’s great. They have a deal going on. That means that pool guy is working for the builder, not you. They may know how to build a pool but do they know how to manage a pools service business? DIDN’T THINK SO!

I cant take it anymore

Alright I need to move on. Those pool builders get me going. Hey look, I get it, sometimes its hard to have to let go of a few things because life gets busy. That’s not a bad thing. Let me help you learn how to hire your type of pool service pro.

Find the truck

When in doubt about hiring a pool service pro, find their truck. It will tell you a lot. There are some exceptions to this idea of coarse. If a pool service pro has a clean, nice, neat truck, chances are they are organized and serious about their work and their business. If a pool service pro can’t even clean his or her truck, how are they going to keep your business relationship healthy?

An exception this this idea would be that your Uncle Brad is a pool guy and you hire him. Even with a unorganized truck, Uncle Brad will keep things good. But if you had uncle Brad you wouldn’t have even Googled Pool Service Near Me to begin with.

Pool service near me

Circulation, Filtration, Water chemistry

That’s it, that’s what it all boils down to. I told you “New home with a pool,” dude. It’s not that hard. You learn a few things about Circulation, filtration, and water chemistry. Heck you learn a little more and you’ll not only know how to hire a pool service pro, you might actually be able to be one.

Circulation has to do with your pump. It helps move the water from your pool through the filter and return the clean water back to the pool. That filter has to do with filtration. You either have a Sand, DE, or a cartridge filter on your pools system. Have a pool guy explain what one you have and how it works. If he can answer that, then hire him or her. Water chemistry is a big one. I’m going to write a Blog about it. If you need help now just call me.

DIY guy, pick one way or the other

Ok Mr DIY guy or gal, I get it. You like things done your way. And you need someone to do what you think should be done with your pool each week. There is nothing wrong with that. However, you are about to pay someone money who does this to 12-20 pools a day, each week, all year round. Let us do our job and take care of your pool our way.

At the end of the day you are wanting a clean and clear looking pool. Something inviting. Additionally to that you want to make sure that the chemicals are correct. A good pool guy should be able to do this. Their service should include whatever crazy or whatever minimal they want. No Leafs? Cool. What’s the Chlorine level at? 3ppm, sweet. It does not matter how the pool guy did it, as long as it was done. Ha!

Catch me on the next one

Im Skimming and brushing 

Wow, you just read 1035 words that I wrote here on my pool boy computer. So check this out I’m going to continue the story of how to find a good “pool service near me” pool guy. If you would like to carry on with me click the next button. Thanks

If you need help finding a pool pro, send me a message. I know a lot of guys in this industry across the entire nation. Yes, thank you Instagram. Ill send you in the right direction.



Pool Pro tools video

One for the girls and one for the boys

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