Pool service Phoenix Az

Pool service Phoenix Az

Pool service Phoenix Az is important and at Pool Rescuers, we know every pool has its own, unique personality. There’s no such thing as a one size fits all approach to pools. Most pool cleaners will arrive, drop a chlorine tablet in the pool and call it a service. There is much more to maintaining a pool than chlorine and pH levels such as the splash and dash route to cleaning a pool.

The Pool Rescuers Promise

The Pool Rescuer promise was created to ensure our customers that we are here to do the job correctly each time we service your pool. We have created what we call out FOUR PRIMARIES and THREE SECONDARIES. Here is our service break down for what we offer with full weekly service packages.


  • Skimming
  • Brushing
  • Emptying Baskets
  • Check and Balance basic chemicals

THREE SECONDARIES (as needed services)

  • Back Washing (between 4 – 6 week pending filter type.)
  • Manually Vacuuming
  • Cleaning salt cells if they apply

Pool Rescuers promises that these steps will be taken each and every time we service your pool, however, the four primaries are a guarantee and the three secondaries are performed as needed on full service packages. It is important to know that each pool is different and will require these steps at different lengths of time. When these services have been provided and your pool is healthy and happy, your pool has been rescued!

Our Pool Cleaning Services

Our pool cleaners can come to your Phoenix area home to maintain your pool, and we’ll do it as if it were our own. Some of the pool cleaning services we provide are:

To set up your pool cleaning services or schedule a free estimate with the best in the business, call Pool Rescuers today at (480) 512-1346.


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