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Pool Service

You know you googled Pool Service right? Im not too sure what to do with that. That can mean so many things. Are you looking for a pool service provider? Great because I was just talking to someone who googled “Pool service near me” and expected to find a near by pool guy. But this isn’t tinder for pool pros.

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In all seriousness I do believe that you are looking for a local pool service provider and that’s great. I hope I can help you. My name is Ryan and my Company name is Pool Rescuers. I am located in Gilbert Arizona but I have a lot of friends that service pools all over the country. Instagram has helped me with that. Look I know pool service and I’m going to explain it to you.


Being able to contact your pool service professional is a good step in the right direction. I know a lot of pool pros that will answer a text from you at 9:30pm. One of my buddies wife gets upset, as does mine. If you can contact your pool guy at any time, that’s a huge plus. I personally think that the owner operated pool pro is the best route to go.

If the pool service pro that is physically in your backyard is the same guy answering your texts or calls you’re on a good track of finding a good pool pro. Now this is not always the case. There are plenty of awesome pool techs out there, but it’s not like having the business owner in your back yard.


Who is Who

Things start to get complicated when pool pros start hiring techs. “Communication is key to success.” If its not a bumper sticker yet it should be one. It can take some effort to be able to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. If the client tells the pool tech that something needs to be addressed, does that information get to the owner? Does it get back to the owner?

If the customer askes the tech to schedule a filter cleaning, and the tech doesn’t, is it the pool techs fault or the business owners fault? Ok so what if you ask the tech to schedule a filter cleaning and he doesn’t do the repair work side. He has to tell someone who is in charge of scheduling. Is that the owner? You know what, doesn’t matter. The filter cleaning didn’t get done. That’s all that matters.


Pricing for pool service is a long subject. If you want to hire us, Id love for you to become one of our customers. The way we choose our pricing is based off of 4 different categories.  Available, affordable, knowledgeable, and prompt. More on this later with SRVCLY.com

50 point

With starting up new pool service with a service provider, there is a lot we wont know. We need to do an inspection on your pool before we start our work. Is there a leak that we need to make sure the customer is aware of? I don’t want to be responsible for a leak that was pre existing. That information needs to surface

Doing a 50 point start up inspection is standard with us starting up new pool service. I do charge for this, $49 and here is why. We are taking time out of our day to spend inspection your pool. We then take that info and enter it into our system. So yes we know what type of a filter you have if we need to get replacement parts. If nothing is wrong with your pool during the inspection ill wave the fee. If we decide to do some work due to the inspection, ill include that $49 towards the cost of the repair.

4 and 3s

I came up with a name for the step system we offer with our service. We refer to it as our 4 primaries and 3 secondary’s. The 4 primaires are done each and every time we are at your pool. We will:

  • Skim
  • Brus
  • Empty baskets
  • Check and balance chemicals

If the pool needs a little more attention we move on to our 3 secondary’s. These are done as needed and is not a must for each service. 3 secondary’s are:

  • Vacuum
  • Backwash
  • Clean salt cells

ch and pH levels

Ch stands for chlorine and pH stands for potential of hydrogen, but lets not get stuck there. Also the measurement for these levels in you water is PPM parts per million. When it comes to chlorine in your water, its a good idea to keep it around 3 – 5ppm. And the acid should be between 7.2 – 7.8ppm.

Don’t just be concerned about the chlorine level in your pools water. Make sure that you focus on the pH range as well. If you pH is out of range your chlorine only becomes 25% effective. When the pH is high the water becomes corrosive and when its high it can also be erosive. Make sure the pool service tech you higher knows this and knows how to adjust the chemicals as well.

level one chems

Level one chems are the chemicals that are being used to service your pool each week. We do not charge extra for level one chemicals. These chemicals include all forms of chlorine, shock, tabs, and liquid. We also include acid and bi carb to lower and raise the level of your pH. We also include DE for filters that require DE.

There are some companies that charge for this. I am slit on what I feel. I know I don’t currently charge for chemicals, it sure as heck would be nice to do so. On the flip side, you are hiring us to not just clean your pool, but to manage it as well. I’ll just keep raising your monthly pool service price every year.

Follow along with me

Im going to talk more about pools. You can follow along here. If not and you need to get back to work, just contact me for service. 

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