Pool Tile Cleaning Chandler Az

Pool Tile cleaning Chandler Az is a popular service in the pool service industry. Most pools have a calcium build up on their pool tile from the harness and TDS located in the water. Calcium or scum lines can be very difficult and time consuming to remove. We recommend allowing a Pool Rescuer to come in and “bead Blast” the tile line removing it in a fast and efficient way.




  • Drain the pool to the proper level to expose the tile.
  • Set up equipment around the pool area
  • The Bead blasting process starts.
  • Seal the now clean tile
  • All tile is now clean we can now fill the pool back up and re balance your chemical levels.

Sealing the tile

Sealing the tile is an important step when removing the calcium off. Before filling the pool back up with water Pool Rescuers seal the tile to help slow down or prevent future scaling of the tile. Once the sealing is finished on all pool tiles the pool can then be filled.


Cleaning up media after a tile cleaning can simply be down with Pool Rescuers. Allowing the pools filtration system to clean up left over media is never a good idea. This will cause blockage and back ups in your pools filtration system. Pool Rescuers have portable filtration systems that allow us to clean up the left over without having to run it through your pools equipment. Your pool now has balanced water, clean tile, properly functioning equipment, and is ready for your enjoyment.

Pool Rescuers offers tile cleaning often with other services such as acid washes. If you have been considering doing one of these services, call pool rescuers to get a quote on specials combining the two services together. We look forward to serve you.


Pool Tile cleaning Chandler Az


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