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Circulation and filtration of the water (physical water treatment) and the addition of water care products (chemical water treatment) are fundamental prerequisites for effective treatment. These physical chemical water treatments mutually enhance each other and both are equally important for effective care. The principle of the aquifier system is shown in the illustration.

Circulation and filtration alone do not however keep the water clear and germ-free. This is why chemical water treatment is also indispensable. Bacteria, fungus and viruses are only killed by disinfectant, algae growth is only properly checked using algaecides, and numerous very fine particles and substances that cause opaqueness can only be removed by flocculation.

Every swimming pool owner must also give his pool chemical care so that he can bathe in perfectly hygienic water.

To be able to properly care for your pool it is essential to have some basic knowledge of pool water treatment and how various care products work. These will be explained below. On average this will take you 10 minutes a week and will soon become quite routine.

Physical water treatment

If the water flow through the pool is good, the filter will catch most of the larger particles. We generally recommend that the filter pump is kept running until all the water in the pool has been circulated at least 2-3 times a day. As a rule this corresponds to a filter runtime of 6-8 hours a day. A longer filter runtime is even better.

If you use a sand filter you must give it a backflush every week. This also replenishes your pool water with fresh water. What works automatically when a sand filter is given a backflush, also works for other kinds of filter. These also have to be cleaned and at least 3% of the water has to be replaced by fresh water every week.

Any foreign bodies still in the water despite all this are either removed manually using a scoop or they are vacuumed up using an automatic bottom vacuum (automatic pool cleaner).

Chemical water treatment

Chemical water treatment involves 4 different steps:

1. pH regulation
2. Water disinfection
3. Algae prevention
4. Flocculation

There are four different care programmes for disinfecting your pool water and every pool owner can choose whichever they prefer:

Water disinfection with chlorine
Water disinfection with active oxygen
Water disinfection with bromine