We have NO IDEA what your pool looks like. We don’t even know the current condition of your pool or it’s equipment. It’s hard to bid a pool without knowing a lot of these very important answers. For most pools we charge about $99 a month for weekly cleanings. 

$120 a month 

There’s still some things we need to talk about. Not every pool will be $120 a month for weekly pool cleanings. The size of the pool will  increase the monthly rate. Larger pools, 20k gallons or more, could be up to $140 a month. Spas, near by landscaping, and faulty equipment can cause the monthly service rate to go upas well. 

How to figure your service price

Just send me a picture. You can do it right here. I made a form directly below that you can upload a photo. Once you send us a photo of your pool, my team and I will respond back qickly. We will respond with the monthly service price, the day of the week we will service your pool, as well as the name of your pool service tech. Pretty cool, huh?

Need more info?

Let me tell you about the 4 primaries and the 3 secondaries that we use to service your pool. 

4 Primary steps performed every visit.

  • Skimming 
  • Brushing
  • Emptying Baskets 
  • Check and Balance basic chemicals*

We make sure to do these steps each and every time we are at your pool. When these steps alone are not all your pool needs, we move on to our 3 secondaries. 

Secondary’s done as needed.

  • Vacuuming the pool
  • Backwashing
  • Cleaning salt cells on salt water pool

These steps are performed if applicable and as needed. 

One last thing...

When we are at your pool we will check in though an app we have on our phone. It will record a few things. It will show you what time we were at your pool. It will also allow you to see the chemical readings for your pool. It will also tell you what chemicals we added to your pools water.  

When our team leaves your pool, the app checks us out and sends a report to your email. All info is there for your viewing. 

Now let’s get started. Scroll back up and send me that picture of your pool.