Swimming Pool Draining

Swimming pool draining is said to be done once every three years. Call Pool Rescuers to see if this is needed with your swimming pool.
swimming pool draining

When your pool evaporates, there are minerals and contaminants like dust, sunscreen, and other pool chemicals that throw off the chemical balance in your pool. It is highly recommended for you not to drain your pool without a chemical analysis from Pool Rescuers.

 How we drain pools

When we drain your pool, our trained and professional technicians will complete it in the proper way. We won’t drain your pool water into the street, gutters, or storm drains because this is a violation of local codes. Rather, we will perform the following to effectively and safely drain your pool:

  1. The first important step that we take is making sure the pool equipment and water supply is OFF!
  2. We will find the access to the sanitary sewer line to properly drain the water from your pool.
  3. Next, we’ll run a drainage hose from the sanitary sewer line to the pool and connect a pump to the hose.
  4. Our pumps have auto float valves on them. When the pool has been drained the pump will shut itself off. No need for our customers to monitor it.
  5. After 12 – 24 hours later we come back to clean up our draining equipment and start filling the pool. We attach a water leveler on your hose so you do not have to monitor the fill process.
  6. Your pool is now full and ready for us to balance the chemicals using the proper amount.

Pool Rescuers is excited to assist you in draining and refilling your pool. We are ready to drain and fiill you pool in the following areas: