The best swimming pool vacuums

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The best swimming pool vacuums listed above are Pool Rescuers top choices. Shopping for a suction side pool cleaning vacuum for your swimming pool can be a difficult task. Pool Rescuers has provided the best four vacuums to choose from and review. Providing pool service for over ten years Pool Rescuers have seen many different styles and types of pool vacuums. Trust that the advise given is the only way to go.

The two wheel pool cleaner

The two wheel pool cleaner or 2 wheel poolcleaner is Pool Rescuers top choice. Hands down there is no better suction side pool vacuum to go with on your standard backyard swimming pool.

The four wheel pool cleaner

The four wheel pool or 4 wheel poolcleaner handles just the same as the two wheel but is designed for larger pools. Four wheels allow this cleaner to climb out of deep ends of pools and travel further on floors of pools. If the pool has a larger surface area or deep sections to climb out of, this four wheel pool cleaner is your choice.

Hayward Navigator V-Flex

The hHayward Navigator V-Flew is a classic design in the pool vacuum industry. Most popularly sold of all pool cleaners in the past. Having a bad rep for all its movable and wearable parts, Hayward has upgraded this cleaner with its V-Flex turbine kit. Removing bearings and with less wearable parts, this cleaner is now at the top of Pool Rescuers choices.

Zodiac Baracuda

The Zodiac Baracuda has made the Pool Rescuers top pick due to its simple design and ability to clean the walls of pools. The Baracude works of a diaphragm allowing the cleaner to bounce easily through the water and up any pool wall. Minimum replacement parts make this cleaner a Pool Rescuer favorite.

the best swimming pool vacuums