I am often asked what sets me apart from my competition in the pool business industry. My answer to this question is easy, water chemistry knowledge. Nothing fancy but the most important factor of pool service. Getting into the industry I was surprised at how chemicals were so loosely used when taking care of people’s pools. Not only was I seeing service companies not using proper amounts of chemicals, but I was also seeing home owners or DIY pool owners improperly using chemicals. Every customer and pool owner wants a nice clean, clear, inviting looking pool, but making sure the water is safe for the users is so much more important. Here at Pool Rescuers we make sure to clean the pool properly. We want to make sure all the debris is removed from the pool. That the walls, steps and benches are brushed, and that the baskets are emptied so proper filtration is allowed on the equipment. But behind the scenes we are working hard at making sure your water is safe for its users. In order to do this we need to know how many gallons your pools water is. This is important because it allows us to know how much of one or many chemicals to use in your pool. Your pools water is a science. Waters natural state is to be green. Our most important job is to prevent your water from turning green by using chemicals to do so.

If chemicals are over or under used it can be harmful not only to its users but also to the foundation and pool and its equipment. Users can get sick if too much or too little of chemicals are used. Users can experience burning eyes, rashes, vomiting, diarrhea, and other RWI (Recreational water illnesses.)Improperly balanced water can also cause staining, etching, and corrosive problems to the pools foundation and equipment. Simply having unbalanced ph levels in pool water can cause cloudy water even if the water has the proper amount of chlorine in it.


During this 50 point our service technician will measure and know how many gallons of water is in the pool. This is VERY important to have on file due to chemicals usage. This information is critical in knowing how much of any one chemical to add to our customers pools every week. During this time we also will learn where your pools water is currently balanced at and if there are any changes that need to be made.


Our quarterly 21 point pool inspection is a tool that we use to ensure our customers pools are functioning properly. This tool and service is also used to prevent future issues and execute pro active repairs or water treatment services. The 21 points that are checked are items that cause problems over an extended period of time. These are not issues that are considered level one priority repairs.


Pool Rescuers understands that home owners want the pool to look great and inviting at all times. We want this too. We don’t have any special tricks on how we skim, brush or vacuum our customer’s pools. Our techs are trained on how to do these services and when to use them, but Pool Rescuer techs are highly trained on water chemistry. When to use certain chemicals, how to use certain chemicals, and how much of the chemical to use to make sure our customer’s users are protected, and RESCUED


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