Weekly Pool Service


Weekly pool service is important in keeping your pool healthy and safe for your family’s use. are first step is skimming. we skim the service of the pool to remove all debris.



We brush down all steps benches and walls. this will remove all growth not reached by your automatic cleaner


we then remove debris from all baskets. this will allow better flow to your pump and motor and allow better circulation.


when needed we always make sure to vacuum the bottom of your pool if your automatic cleaner has missed any areas. backwashing is also done as needed. Pool Rescuers has the knowledge and know how to manage any and all types of pool filters.


balancing your chemical leave is very important in managing your pool. Chlorine is added when levels are low and acid is used to control high pH levels. We always leave a service note informing the customer of the date, time, services performed, and chemical levels of when we arrived.


Please always watch children around water.


Thank you for choosing Pool Rescuers to manage all your pools needs. Call today for service options.


This was one of our first videos we did over five years ago.

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